How do I purchase Rotator ad credits? ..& setup an ad

- How do i purchase ad credits?

1Once your deposit is complete you need to purchase credits. Click on Ad Prices in the header to see our Advertising options.

2On the Ad Prices Page you can find the credits you need, labelled Rotator Credits.

3Once you have sdelected the credits you want to buy you willsee here if you have enough purchase balance to buy the credits. If you havent got enough you can repeat and add funds or click cancel and choose a smaller amount.

4Only once you see this confirmation page will your credits be in your account and ready to be allocated.

- How do i can setup an ad?

1Click on Manage ads, then choose Rotator Ads to setup full page ad views, then click to create an advertisment.

2Title of your ad, this will be displayed on our homepage. Then enter the url of your website.(Do not remove http:// just add your website url)

- How to allocate credits?

3Once your ad is setup you can allocate the credits you purchased earlier. To start click on allocate.

4Add the required amount of credits, 1 credit = 1 day.
*If you get an error you dont have enough credits to create an ad you need to purchase credits or choose to allocate less.*