Terms of Service

By creating an account on Global Rotator you agree you will not access the site using any kind of proxy/VPN/Cloaking devices, you also agree you will have just 1 account, you will not refer yourself and that you will take all precautions to keep you account safe by using a unique password and where possible a unique email for logging in.


You agree that the website you aere advertising abides by the following:
No Popups, Popunders or slideovers.
No Malicious/Pornographic/Illegal/imoral/Religious Content
No Redirects, FrameBreakers, Downloads or malicious
No Sound and page must load within 8 seconds or visits may not be counted.
Any site found breaking these rules will be removed without any refund to the member who created the ad, continued offences will result in a permanant ban.


All payments are handled by 3rd party processors, we never store or hold any payment information or sensetive data. All your interaction on this website are secured by https, payments are also non refundable once the item has been used. Please refer to our Refund policy below for more information.

Refund Policy

As long as you havent used the credits you can request a refund within 14 days of your deposit. Please be aware we are unable to process refunds on credits used, referral comissions or deposits made after 14 days of the request. Simply contact Support for a refund! All Claims against us will result in account suspension, as we deliver all items Instantly and Electronicly you have no reason to open a claim. Contact support if you would like a refund.

Delivery Policy

All items are delivered instantly and electronically to your account ready for you to use in your own time. There is no expiry time on credits purchased. As the credits are delivered using our internal system all deliveries are accounted for within our system. If you need a copy or recipt of delivery please feel free to contact support and we will provide you one.

Privacy Policy

We only store your Name, email and Password in our system. We do not sell or share your information with anyone. We also offer you complete control on your information and how it is used.
Your name is used for correspondence and to check for fraud when making purchases with us.
Your email is used to send you information and offers, you can opt out of receiving these at any time in your profile.
Your password is stored in an encrypted state, no-one has access to this and it is used to secure your account only.
No other information is stored, kept or used for anything. I.P, cookie data and any other temporary technical information is deleted every day and only used to ensure your time on the website is secured and private.

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